Be a part of the Campaign for the AAES 40th Year Anniversary by making a donation today. The Campaign outlines new initiatives that will expand opportunities for current and future endocrine surgeons.

About The AAES Foundation

The purpose of the AAES Foundation is to promote research and education in the field of Endocrine Surgery, to advance the science and art of endocrine surgery and to maintain the highest standards in clinical practice.

Along with the AAES Foundation, the Paul LoGerfo Fund will broaden the scope of grants available for research and education. A gift to the Foundation will assist to enrich and extend the horizons of endocrine surgery with annual grants awarded to applicants who share our purpose. We encourage each member to donate at least $1,000 during the course of membership. Please also remember to leave a research legacy by including the AAES Foundation in your updated estate plans.

The AAES Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization and donations to the Foundation are tax deductible to US Citizens to extent allowed by law. Please consult with your tax advisor for tax deductibility questions.

Donate today and join your colleagues in supporting endocrine surgery research and education.

Board Of Directors

Allan Siperstein, MD
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH

Vice Chair
Jack Monchik, MD
Retired, formerly with Albert Medical School Brown University
Providence, RI

Herbert Chen, MD
University of Alabama - Birmingham
Birmingham, AL

Gerard Doherty, MD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Boston, MA

Nancy D. Perrier, MD, FACS
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX

Sonia Sugg, MD
University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
Iowa City, IA

Treasurer of the AAES:
Tracy S. Wang, MD, MPH
Medical College of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI

Research Committee Chair of the AAES:
Carrie Cunningham, MD, MPH
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA

AAES Foundation Office
Lauren Santangelo
p (859) 514-9150
[email protected]

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