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Congratulations to the 2018 AAES Research Award Winners

The AAES and AAES Foundation are proud to announce the research award winners for 2018.

The Paul LoGerfo Research Awards:

David Schneider, MD
University of Wisconsin
“Using patient language for measuring quality of life in thyroid cancer”

Heather Wachtel, MD
University of Pennsylvania
“Circulating miRNA signatures in primary hyperparathyroidism”


ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association Award for Thyroid Cancer Research:

Lawrence Shirley, MD
Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
“Integrin linked kinase facilitates communication between cancer associated fibroblasts and immune cells in papillary thyroid cancer”

Congratulations again to the award winners for their excellent work! Click here for more information about the research awards.

Image caption: Paul LoGerfo Award winners, left to right: David Schneider, MD, Kepal Patel, MD (Research Committee Chair), and Heather Wachtel, MD.